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JINCHAN curtain successfully developed a patented product - decomposition of formaldehyde functional curtains
Textile safety and health is more and more concerned, "with healthy textiles, textile maintenance health" is the market for textile enterprises out of new issues. Zhejiang JINCHAN fabric Limited by Share Ltd in the "attention to home health, to create a quality of life" concept of human nature in the development of curtain fabric has made a major breakthrough.

The success of the semiconductor technology and materials used in the curtain fabric, the development of the curtain can purify the home environment.


Danger of invisible home

JINCHAN general manager Yang Wei said, this can purify the environment of the curtain is committed to the development of the original intention is to solve the environment in the home life of those invisible invisible killer". According to the consumer protection committee recently released survey results show that the newly renovated houses generally exist formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances exceeded the phenomenon. Formaldehyde to stimulate the eyes and throat can cause cancer. Long term inhalation of benzene can cause leukemia and white blood cells and platelets. This threat in the new indoor room will last for six months. And CDC data show that more than 80% of the city's use of air conditioning in the family of bacteria, mold exceeded the situation, air conditioning heat sink in the highest value of 1000 times. These invisible dangers are a great threat to the health of home life. Now, JINCHAN curtains will be used in the light of the semiconductor technology and materials used in the curtain, to provide a clean home environment of the new program.


Air purifying curtains

Yang Wei told us that Jinchan curtains has developed a "magic curtain" which can effectively decompose harmful substances released by the formaldehyde, benzene, bacteria. The main technical principle of optical semiconductor material curtains is that ,under illumination, the special material does not consume itself ,instead, it can catalyze oxygen and water molecules in the air, and turn them into hydroxyl radicals and negative oxygen ions. These two substances have strong ability of oxidation decomposition, which can decompose organic and partly of inorganic substances in the air. And finally they can divide the pollutants into water and carbon dioxide without being polluted the second time. The anion catalyzed can decompose harmful substances or kill bacteria. After more than 3 years of research and experiments, Jinchan Curtains has achieved success in the implementation of the technology into curtain products. This technique has also overcome the difficulty in light absorption, effective arrangement, durability and other multiple technical barriers, so that the functional curtain that can really purify air were born, subsequently, in mass production. In a test by the third party authority, the curtains are hung in a newly decorated room for 24 hours, and the concentration of the formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances there decreased by 75% (decomposed as water and carbon dioxide). Besides, they helped kill the indoor bacteria, and also did contribute to the elimination of odor caused by mildew.